Welcome to Fernalicious, your original fansite dedicated to Australian actor, Cody Fern. You know him from American Horror Story, Tribes of Palo Verdes and House of Cards but his career is forever expanding. Thank you stopping by and please remember this site is paparazzi free to ensure the privacy and respect for cody and his loved ones.

As many of you know, we closed our site due to circumstances where we were called names and talked down to over the watermarks on our photos. To be perfectly honest, we did debate not bringing the site back and closing for good but after taking the time to talk it over and reevaluate things, we decided that we were not going to let a couple of people who are clearly cyberbullies win.  This is by the way the last time either of us will be discussing this matter because we want to move into the new year with positivity instead of negativity.

We have spent a lot of time and a lot of money bringing this site to fruition not because we want to be the best, but because we support Cody. Do we watermark our photos? Yes. Did we double watermark ones that you won’t find anywhere else? Most definitely. That does not make us horrible people that deserve to be called what we were over a watermark. Those photos were incredibly hard to get and we tried to watermark them where they wouldn’t be incredibly intrusive.

What happened was someone took those photos, edited our watermark out and claimed them as their own. Then they started name calling and trying to shame us for watermarking photos because we didn’t take them ourselves. This behavior does fall into cyberbullying (and is also harrassment). We should all be uplifting one another in this fanbase instead of being childish just over one little thing. It was extremely uncalled for.

Why did we decide to bring back the site? We love Cody and want to continue supporting his career in whatever way we can. We also want to give the fans a safe place that they can come and view photos, get news and have a place to chat via twitter with the fansite twitter. Lastly, we need to make it known that we are not going to tolerate cyberbullying! If you want to take the photos we have and remove the watermark? Fine. We will continue to bring content to the site and share it with everyone. Taking a stand against the people that brought us to shut the site down is what we both feel is needed because cyberbullies can not win. Immaturity and disrespect over people that are bringing you high quality content that you won’t find anywhere else needs to be squashed and we both hope that the maturity level of the parties that did this can evolve to a point where they realize that what they’ve done is wrong.

In conclusion, we would both like to thank everyone for their kind words and support since even before we opened the site. It means so much to us and we’re all in this together. Let’s support Cody’s career instead of tearing one another down.

holly December 29, 2018 Leave a Reply

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